The new beginning

The light moved under her skin, iridescent blues and purples and greens all dancing like the Aurora Borealis brightening beneath her rib cage and throat slithering tentacles of light. Tendrils retreating slowly, moving around in pulsing veins, working its way through the maze of a body before finding its way out of her.

She tried to hold onto it. Trying not to cough up the delicate beams, the bubbles of soul leaking through her mouth. So gentle the body that escaped her, the floating upwards, pulling its limbs out from inside her. The light slowly removed itself, the tentacles following behind the creature like streamers. As it floated up further away, a sharp tug stopped it yanking the girls body behind it, before a sharp snap, severed all ties the soul had with the body.

Her panicked breaths stopped, and heart beat slowed, while we all looked on mesmerised by the jelly fish swimming slowly to the heavens and stars.

We all looked down, at the fragile shell of a body, emptied of everything, dignity, soul and life. Her skin, no longer shimmering but as pale and white as it was before. I knelt next to the almost naked body and lay my jacket over her, covering what I could to provide one last dignity for her. I lifted her and carried her away, leaving the pooled and congealing blood on the floor, the imprint of her body still remaining.

I picked up her body, cradling it as I wept. Blue flashing lights surrounded us, dancing on her skin again. Shimmering like the ripples of water that she swam in, once and never again. The sirens wailed around us and still I did not let her go. My baby girl. My child. Why would anyone wish such suffering on anyone? To endure that pain, and still not even be granted the mercy of a fast death after it.

I cried, not only for my loss of a child, but for the cruelty of the world. I did not comfort her in her last moments, but watched mouth agape as she suffered slowly on. I had stood mesmerised by her death. Images flashed at me: her crying eyes, her pale bloodied legs, and the knife jutting out of her rib cage. The sound of her coughing on her own blood rang around my ears.

Snow started to fall on the bustling city, and the only thought in my mind was, that in this beautiful world, humans were the worst of it. With them came war and cruelty. With humanity comes the inhumane. I knew I had to destroy us all…

It was that moment I knew, I had to kill us all.



I stood surrounded by the chaos of my destruction, and I smiled one last time to myself, for the first time in years, there were no other survivors, I made certain of that. I have almost cleansed the earth, just one last body to go.


A single gunshot echoed, while the birds flocked away from the sound.

The sun cautiously came up from behind the clouds and horizon, glittering rays upon the streaming flow of blood. It was a new beginning, and all new beginnings are born of blood and destruction.