The Four Ladies



It is a beacon printed on many a shining dollar, “E Pluribus Unum“: Out of many one.  She stands, prideful, hopeful and free. Carrying the flames of the hopes of many. Those fleeing to safety are welcomed in open arms.

Another lady stands, tall and strong, a leader. A powerful voice, booming out who is in the right or wrong. She points a long crooked finger. Blind to the false speakers, weighing up the scales of honesty and lies.

Whispering to this woman, stands another shaming humanity in her purity, and assists the decisions the others make. Her eyes wide and all seeing, looks to the heart and the mind, looking for tainted impurities.

Another, smiles at the others and strikes down those who go against her. The leader of ladies Freedom, Justice and Truth is Lady Victory. Her flag waving, catching the breaths of those rallied underneath her. Yearning and thirsting the equality they deserve.

Women, proud and mighty pioneers, championing through life join the four ladies in their last breaths, to be greeted by victory bowing to those who helped equality make her first steps to achieve her goal.

Their power, these four ladies, the Four Horsewomen in the apocalypse of the unfair unjust world



To name a few of the too many forgotten.

Ada Lovelace. A great mathematician, who designed the first computer and envisioned their potential. Her notes were used by Alan Turing in cracking the enigma code.

Julie D’Aubigny. A fascinating woman: bisexual opera singer who fenced and would prompt men into fights by kissing women publicly (and would defeat many at once). She rescued her girlfriend (after she was sent to a nunnery)

Einar Wegener, or Lili Elbe. A brave individual, who realised they were not in the right body and tried to change that unfortunately dying during one of the first attempts of a uterus transplant.

Eleanor of Aquitaine. Golden foot, twice married (to kings Louis and Henry) joined her husbands in the crusades allowing 100 women to join her claiming only to be there for ‘medical’ reasons, when infact she fought along side the men (wearing her dress under her armour hence her name golden foot).

Mary Bowser. A black ex-slave spy, who was educated in Virginia and proceeded to break the law and educate others in Liberia how to read, before returning back to Virginia to marry her husband. Unfortunately her military career is rather unknown.

Chevalier d’Éon. A spy, male at birth, had to cross the border to Russia as a woman, and served as Empress Elizabeth’s maid of honour. When in Russia, rumours spread about her true gender, and so she returned to France demanding to be recognised as a woman, to which Louis XVI, bought her a whole new wardrobe to let her do so.