Seven Pathways.

(Aside to the story, I had an idea to write a script for a fifteen minute film competition, and my script writing isn’t the best so I wrote it as a story to start me off). So, basically, any advice for converting story to script or ways to film or do make up/masks (haven’t made up entirely which path I will make) to show the sins (as I am not going to find a talking snail anywhere am I?) also, I’m also acting this out with a friend, so it may be slightly awkward, so there has to be changes in the conversion, to make it more suitable for the competition (just trying to make it a better read).  Also , the ‘ringleader’ character is actually one person, who just changes demeanour as they change (stance, voice etc.) when the conversion happens. I can imagine Hozier’s: Work Song playing to the film of this.



There is a crash. A loud bang and I open my eyes to darkness. Everything is dark and I hear a screaming. I turn and try to find it, but I cannot locate it, all there is here is black. A mysterious cloaking dark. Where am I? I was, wait, where was I? What is this? Panic begins to rise within me, and I try to escape, I try to flee the dark, this swallowing creature eating at all I see. I start to cry, slow tears slipping. Where has she gone? The  screams slowly dwindles to a wailing, a deep piteous cry, raw in fresh misery that echoes around me, bouncing of unseen barriers. I howl back, trying to find the person, trying to communicate and tears are brought to my eyes at the horrific symphony of pain. The voice in the darkness whispers through the blubbering tears, “come back to me”, but I do not know who she is, nor how to find her and my voice is lost.

I crumple to the floor, bring fresh waves of my own in the roaring silence left behind in a shadow from the other woman’s absence and I wait, silently to hear something other than my own pity. I wait, and something comes. I reach out to the light trying to grasp it like i am drowning, and somehow I manage to brush my fingers on the cool heat of it. The light, this simple light, thrown to me like a life ring, pulls me further  in, dazzling my eyes so that I cannot see so I wait to let them adjust.  The new place, is not as bright as I thought it was. It was really just another light, which slowly started to dim, to reveal, someone sat there and then muttered to himself: “Took you long enough, heard all that unnecessary crying.”

I tried to respond, but no words could come out of my lips, I sat there, groaning incomprehensible sounds trying to ask questions. “Ah, yes, sorry, I’ll explain that in a bit, but first you have a few visitors.” His face was strange, long and distorted yet somehow familiar, like something from a dream or a long lost companion but I could not put my finger on what. “Yes you,” he waved into the darkness around him, signalling someone to approach, “You know what, all of you come out, out! Let me see you all.” A menagerie of creatures come out around us, a peacock, a snake, a goat, a frog, a snail, a lion and a pig. These creatures all distinguishable as to what they were, but somehow distorted, twisted and malformed, like mutated creatures of themselves mirroring the man who was talking to me a few seconds before. “I would love to introduce you, but I fear we do not have enough time.” he started, “So we will start with the questions-”

I make a series of grunts trying to elaborate the illogicality of this scenario. I mean, of all things, questions to me?

“Yes, questions. Please shut up we don’t have much time, I will elaborate later, Leo, we do not need you here, nor you, Anguis, nor you in fact Pavo. Rana, step forward, here.”

The lion, snail and peacock slunk into the darkness meanwhile the toad approached, the bulbous and slick  shape stopping before me.

“Would you say, that desperately wanting to be liked is wrong?” Rena asked “As in the excessive desire to be appreciated and liked, collecting friends for example? Would this relationship intervene with connecting to god? If for example they influenced someone to atheism? Hush, hush, do not answer now my sweet. Close your eyes for me.”

I do as I was told, and am given a vision. I see rooms, corridors, I am walking through them, laughing. All around me, old creaking tables and stools beside a bar. Behind me is a woman, beautiful and I can say no more of that, she seemed to have no imperfections in appearance, and nor in her smile, for she too, was and smiling to me. We sit down on a stool, swinging around the pivot. We joke jovially and kindly and I plant a soft kiss upon her cheek. I cling to this vision as much as I can, but it is too smooth, too  perfect to keep so it slips, slips from my grasp and I open my eyes to see myself back with the animals and the strange being before me.

The ringleader of the creatures, turned around again, swishing his long dark cloak. “Cochlea, here now,” he swooped down, picking the snail up and passed it to me. “Begin.”

Cochlea began her spiel and I listened with her sitting on my hand: “By actively seeking to not turn from doing something wrong, something you promised not to do, is that also wrong? Close your eyes now,”

I welcome another vision. I see the woman again, on a dark street with me. We are smiling and laughing, swaying and slurring from the influence of far too many drinks. She giggles at what I say, and I laugh back not loosing the grin. She drops the bottle that she is holding, squealing with laughter as she does, I join her, dropping my own, letting the liquid splash and the glass to shatter and splinter. We laughed and made ourselves joyous, taken in by the night, drowning in hope and future. Yet still my wish to remain fails me, and the stars and the woman with her arms around my shoulder let go.

Cochlea mutters to herself, dragging me back from my drunkenness, “even the care of the world, when they intoxicate the mind. Oh. back so soon? You looked like you enjoyed that one.”

The master of the creatures brings another forward: “Porcus, forward.” and so the pig stepped forward and she too, started her talk:

“Is being drunk greed?” she starts, “Surely over consumption of the substance is greedy, it is unnecessary, no? Worry not. Worry not, close your eyes my dear, I am sorry. I do not wish to share this.”

I close my eyes, regardless. I find my self, staring at a glass of whiskey, the amber liquid giving of strong fumes, the ice tinkles on the side of the glass, and I swill it to make more of a sound. Wind chime like sounds, floating in mellow golden sunlight dancing away in the ripples I cause. I close my eyes and knock it back. The smell of smoke and oak comes of the fumes and I savour the taste in my mouth keeping a droplet on my tongue. I pour another, tinkle it, with the still whole ice, then knock it back after sniffing the glass. I complete this ritual again before the ice, slowly starts to smooth its solid edges and I take one of the cubes and let it wither in my mouth. Tears start to slide down my cheeks, when finally I look up from the glass, I see the door wide and to see my angel standing there. I mutter to myself and she shouts in response, screaming words of rage, spitting saliva “Not this again. We are not doing this again, stop drinking!” . I get up, stumbling and put the alcohol back in the cupboard. I collapse on the sofa and sob, and she comes to me and puts her hands under my arms, and carries me to my room. She lifts the covers and lays me on top of the sheets, while I continue to cry away tears,


“No,” she cuts in, “I should have guessed I thought it was coming.”

“She’s gone.”

“I know, please calm down, I can’t help you if you don’t let me in, OK? Just let me in, let me in that beautiful mind of yours. I will help.” I sob more while she holds my head against her chest, stroking the hair and providing as much comfort as she can. “I’m sorry. Truly. But rest now.”

I slip back to the menagerie, tears sliding down my cheeks, I wipe them away as best as I can, trying to stop the people surrounding me from seeing, but I fail, as the pig tries to apologise, saying she didn’t want to show me.

He looks down to me, kneeling down to me as I sit on the floor. “Do you need a moment?” I shake my head. I can see no other way out. “So be it, Capra my dear, come forward.”

The goat approaches and starts another statement. “Adultery, is wrong in some views no? Surely committing it when following this view is wrong. What about same-”

I close my eyes, seeing where the accusations were leading and despising them.

I stare into her eyes, and she into mine. I put my hand into the angels hair, tangling my fingers in the brunette curls, and I feel my hair catching in her fingers at my back. I caress down her cheek and pull her face closer to mine and kiss her long on her neck, her cheek bone, her lips, making a trail, an adventure on such beautiful land. We sigh together, just enjoying the moment of each others presence, one heart beat, one breath.

She whispers my name softly into my ear again and again.

My Grace, my beautiful Grace, now and always… I try even harder to keep the image of her chest nut hair, her freckles and green eyes. Her husky whisper in my ear with its heat. I try and keep the trace my lips made of her face. But I’m taken away, whisked from my dream and hope.

I stare bleakly at the creatures around me. Why did they show me this? Was it necessary? Why can they not let me back to her?

“Darling, darling, calm your mind. We hear you, we understand.” his voice was sympathetic, “We are here to explain why. Why what? I can imagine you query, well you are as much a part of us, as we are of you. In fact, we exist because of you, yet you are as you are because of us. The wrongdoings of adulthood you could call it. The wrong doings of revelling in sin. The desperate need of collecting people to like you: greed, the laziness of forgetting religion: sloth, drinking excessively: gluttony, participating in adultery and fornication with your girlfriend: lust. Oh how you revelled in your sins, enjoyed them even! Now, you swore, prayed and promised not to cultivate your inner demons, yet here we are, but, you have a chance. A chance to repent. Return to the world and promise to not look back upon your sinning, or join us…

I open my eyes and look around, the light is bright all around and I have some sheets over me. A small beep chirps every few seconds. By turning my head I can see her, she has my hand in her own, her eyes closed. It was her screaming. My Grace. My dear and sweet Grace. Around me I hear a constant ringing, a high mechanical screech. I keep my eyes on hers, and watch her jump up from sleep to hear the sound. She starts to panic and tears land on my face as she tries to wake me up. She grasps me as though that could stop death. “Don’t you give up on me. Don’t you even dare Lucy.” her voice starts to rise, her throat hardening and rising, “Don’t leave me, please.” My eyes start to mist and I feel myself leaving. Goodbye my love. I will always love you.

“If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable, Leviticus 20:13.” he says to me,

“If a woman lies with a woman, then so be it.” I shout back, “Then so be it. It is love. I will love who I want to love and I will go to hell for it if I must.”

It goes black, then red fills my vision/