Seven pathways script

Characters:    A: Main character

L: Main character’s inner devil

G: Main character’s love

W: Sins

L and G: are the same actor. L wears a mask.


OPENING TITLES: Hozier Work Song,

“Seven Pathways”

Darkness on set  {Noises (car crash) (screams from G) (crying from G)} {Silence}

Light beams on A.

A: is scared, crying. Starts to move around “Blind in darkness”, panicking. Continues to escalate in panic, escalates in crying.

A: “Come back to me.”

A: proceeds to curl up on the floor, crying.

{Camera pan, then zoom in.}

{Camera focuses on A: hand laying on the ground,}

L: Brush hand, lifting it. Providing comfort by lifting A.

L: “Hush now, hush.

A: looks up at L, A: recognition to L.

A: curls up up in L lap, L: strokes A hair. A: cries more.

L: “Old friends, no? A bit more maybe? Always kept me close with you, didn’t you? Well here I am. Come on, honey, pull yourself together now. I have to show you something, I’ll explain why later.”

L: lays A down, draws out ‘pen/stilus’ like object. Proceeds to draw a symbols at top (one at a time), each one resembles a sin. Each sin proceeds a scenario for A:

L: “I am sorry, if you close your eyes it will make it easier.”

Avarice:  Remains the same

Envy:    Remains the same

Sloth:     Turns red and gives A a memory A: laughs and smiles

Wrath:   Remains the same

Gluttony: Turns red and gives A a memory  A: Sheds a tear, sniffles.

Pride:   Remains the same

Lust:    Turns red and gives A a memory    A: Smiles and cries, then weeps.

W: whispers: “Drunk”, “Adulterer”, “Ignorant,”, “Greedy”, “Lazy”, “Lustful”

A: “Stop” (screaming)

W: repeat, getting louder;  “Adulterer”,”Drunk”, “Ignorant,”,  “Laziness of religion”, “Greed of alcohol”,”Lustful”

A: “stop” (gradually get quieter). Closes eyes:


{camera looks at A eyes, close and open to memory, CAMERA move around and look over A shoulder, coffee shop}

A: looks at phone shows date: Sunday 8:00. A: looks nervous.

G: arrives, A breaks into smile as does G.

G: sits down for coffee, breaks into conversation with A

G: “Long time no see?”

A: “Through no faults of our own though, you know how it is.”

G: “Yeah, I’m so happy to see you anyway, how has it been?

IRIS CUT TO A MIND (like an eye closing, looking at G), then match darkness as looking down.

W; repeating getting louder:  “Adulterer”,”Drunk”, “Ignorant,”,  “Laziness of religion”, “Greed of alcohol”,”Lustful”

CUT TO GLUTTONY MEMORY: look up at darkness on screen, match to the movement of closing a cupboard (glass in hand). CAMERA: follow glass, watch it fill up with whiskey (not actually).

(NOISE {tinkling of ice})

CAMERA: Focus on ice and whiskey, then look up as:

A: Downs drink. Tears start.

Camera (pan back)

A: fills glass up, downs it again repeating it.

J CUT to A eyesight as door opens. Blur camera lens.

G: enters door.

A: Cries,

G: “No not this again” (shouting), “Not again. Put it down. Stop drinking!”

Camera follows A eyesight (blurred), puts glass on counter.

G:  “Are you crying? Oh god. What happened. Come on. Tell me.”

A: “She…” “She…” (stutter over sob)

G: lifts A. Carries A to bed.

G: “What happened? I should have seen this coming, I knew how she was. Ok, let me help you, let me in that head of your, ok? I’m so sorry. Rest now, we can talk about this in the morning.”


W; repeating getting louder:  “Adulterer”,”Drunk”, “Ignorant,”,  “Laziness of religion”, “Greed of alcohol”,”Lustful”


A: wakes up, turns to G: in bed. Plays with G hair. “come on, wake up now.”

G: mumbles denial of morning

A: “Five more minutes, then we have to get up.”

A: Watches G breathing (duvet moving up and down with breaths.)

INVISIBLE CUT TO A MIND( finish looking at G hair, look at L hair).

L: “Calm, I’m so sorry. It is unfair, I know. You have a choice, go back with the promise of not continuing this life, or to suffer ever more.”

A: “You are giving me the choice to give up my way of life, I can do that but never will I stop loving her. I will love who I will love.”

L: “I thought so”

L & A: stage kiss,

CUT TO REALITY: camera view A body and G, holding A’s hand as though it were A ghost/spirit

G, sleeping on A hand in hospital.

Machine sounds flatlining sound (cut to footage from another film I guess to catch this?)

G: wakes, and screams. “Don’t you dare leave me. No you are not going. Stay. Please, let me in, don’t leave me. Don’t give up, I love you.”

A: “I love you too”

CUT TO A SCREEN (Work song play),


“If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable, Leviticus 20:13.”

Credits roll