Hi, well I just thought I would say, hello. I honestly would love contributions on how to improve my work, my friends, naturally not sharing the passion I have of word webbing and I feel unable to share my writings with my parents, because they have compared my work to others (ie: because a scene is in the forest, saying it is copyright to the hunger games, which actually happened), as well as the fact they might not like what I right. My teachers, although wonderful, only offer one perspective and so, I feel to really improve, I need help from everyone else, with a similar passion. I mean, this is probably me being an angsty teen, and obviously my writing is underdeveloped, and often involves words i think should exist as well as being grammatically incorrect, more than half the time.

Sorry, I just feel like being selfish about myself for a bit, as the anonymity my own website offers, is quite pleasing.

Oh yeah, if you have any books you could recommend to me, it would be great, I am finding the Y.A. novels a little to cheesy and patronising. Anything like The One Hundred Year Old Man, The Road, The Book Thief, etc……

Sorry, I’ve never had a blog/website so I am going of the mark with the point of this message, I am surprised you have even made it this far, unless you have skim read, as I too often do, when I feel bored to death over someones blabbing and blabbing.


Author: aworldofyourown

I am a 15 year old, aspiring author, who just wishes to get help on how to improve my writing. Feel free to comment assistance on how to improve my work!

3 thoughts on “Hello…”

  1. Well Amy, I trust life is good with you. I have read a few of your posts here, and I say they are quiet good. I cannot see much to correct. Have you considered joining a local writing group in your home town. It is what I did myself, perhaps find details in the local library ,o r online. There you will find others with a similar interest to yourself, or perhaps you start a writing group in your town for young people,or for any body, if none exists locally.
    Some online sites available to write on, and get feedback include,
    1). abctales.com
    3).thenextbigwriter.com (a few $ a month,but reasonable price).

    Obviously the more you review other peoples work, the more they will review yours.


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