Written in response to the Creative Writing Ink Writing Prompt Competition, March 16.


There is a hunger within me, churning and growing withing my stomach. A large pit, expanding within seconds, opening wider and wider. My teeth gnaw and snarl and my lips start to curl back from them, a predatory demeanour overtakes my normal stance. Haunches prepared to launch, eyes beaded and darkened and ears, peeling back eager in anticipation to fill a meal.

I stumble to the fence, the smell of promising food, flooding my nose. I hear it before I see it. It stumbled from hiding behind hedges. My fingers weave through the criss-crossed wire, twitching in desperation. My face, twisted and morphed against the fence, pushing farther and farther into the mesh to try and reach it. It whimpers and whines, eyes darting like a deer’s.

My hunger growls deeper than I can physically fathom,  it wrenches from my throat and it begins to tremor and quiver even more than it was previously. It is stuck, stuck between the perimeter of fence. If I could just break it down. If, if I could claw my way through a this metal wire and force myself through to it. God, I must eat, I must, even if.. Even if, no, no, it doesn’t matter.

I growl deeply again, wrenching throated rumble. Cawing deeply in desperation to fill the pit within me, the widening gap, the swallowing gap. Wider wider it expands, louder and louder it moans. Drool drips from my lips, my eyes strained and tense, pulsing red veins to contour the spherical surface.

The hunger sparks an idea, and I begin to wedge my feet into the wire mesh, my fingers clinging to the metal, digging thick marks onto them. I reach the top and roll over the top, crunching onto the bottom. It shrieks a shrill high pitched whine, but it is too late. Far too late. I bite hard and deep, quenching the thirst, the hunger, and proceed to squeeze the neck, clicking it slowly to the side, so the body goes limp. I stroke the hair from her small face, and proceed to gorge myself upon the body. My first meal since, since, since well, since it happened.



Author: aworldofyourown

I am a 15 year old, aspiring author, who just wishes to get help on how to improve my writing. Feel free to comment assistance on how to improve my work!

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