Written in response to Creative Writing Inks Writing Prompt Competition, April 20th.


Slipping, leaking delicate memories,

moonlight’s pavements ripples,

Silky swaying sanded surfaces.

Straining desperateness relaxes,

Hair waving, splayed and swishes,

Lifes’ elixir losses.

Thick coddling lonely darkness,

Beams of fragile brightness,

Deaths’ silent solemn dances,

Deaths’ undiscovered paradises.

Slowly parting for silences.


Author: aworldofyourown

I am a 15 year old, aspiring author, who just wishes to get help on how to improve my writing. Feel free to comment assistance on how to improve my work!

2 thoughts on “Mangata”

  1. Hey Abi,I have read most of your posts on this site.If your really 14 years old,and not 41 ? (ha,ha !).I think your writing is impressive for such a young age.Glad to see you like my most recent post.Appreciate it.


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