Rays of freedom

The sky showed hints

of shards to pelt.

To hammer down delicate prisms.

But nothing stopped the kites:

Long tails thrashing,

trailing from a thick body.

Moving in hypnotic dance.

They flew in the air,

as they swam in the water,

Elegant as birds.

Belonging to the waves,

Yet yearning for freedom.

They crested the surface,

breaking waves in a slice.

The sunlight danced,

through glass tears.

Palates of colours

shimmered on their flesh.

The heavens were crying,

crying at the beauty.

The beauty of freedom.

While the rays of freedom

danced evermore,

between the sun beams

in the stingray sky.

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Author: aworldofyourown

I am a 15 year old, aspiring author, who just wishes to get help on how to improve my writing. Feel free to comment assistance on how to improve my work!

One thought on “Rays of freedom”

  1. Hey Abigail,if I spelt that right !Glad you liked a recent post of mine about cats,and the lives they lead.I’ve being looking for your contributions to the photo prompts on Creative writing,it’s been a while !


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