Who would have guessed, who would have known?

Written in response too: Creative Writing Ink Prompt November 24th



Small fingers skinny, small chubby face.

Long thin hair, damp to the skin.

Damp with numerous salted drops.

Pristine tears, embellishing pewter cold

China flesh. Who could have known?

Who could have guessed what the

Future held?


Pale speckled fur, wired and sodden.

Slight hands, gripped it like the last tether.

It was a lifeline, connecting them both.

The vice still clamped, sailing hopes.

A rhythm to breaths. A beat to heart.

Fluttering lids, deep in dreams,

Deep thick dreams.

Ticks and tocks passed in exchange.

Nervous whispers joined the list of noises.

A faint beep, and a spiked line to the side.

Who could have guessed, who could have known?


Gazing out at the unknown,

Hesitant steps leak soil through holed shoes

Thin clothes, wavered in the breeze,

luring her out.

She loosened her grip and she ventured out.

Leaves rustled, telling secrets of adventure.

Branches creaked the future.

Whimpers and sobs, turned her around,

What was that?

Who could tell, who could have know?

But the trees called out to her,

Tempting her on.

She stepped farther out, letting slip

Of something, something familiar,

Soft and wiry.


The spike dipped, and stopped,

Lengthening a straight long line.

Followed by a lengthy whine,

From animal, human and machine alike.

Deep pitiful, mournful whines.

Sobs piercing the hum.

Who could have guessed, who could have known?


Who could have guessed, who could have known?

The wooden case, small and dainty,

Light, but the burden of reality weighed much more.

Out in the opened, the small coffin was lain.

Soil and dirt, placed upon the roof.

Clump by clump, up and up.


The trees howled, and creaked and groaned.

Out in the distance, a seed spiralled down.

It landed with a soft, gentle thud.

The roots began to grow,

Long tendrils, penetrating the soil,

Linking with one and another.

Uniting together, in memories,

Of that one girl,

Who let go.


Author: aworldofyourown

I am a 15 year old, aspiring author, who just wishes to get help on how to improve my writing. Feel free to comment assistance on how to improve my work!

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