Written in response to: Creative Writing Ink Prompt November 10th


The velvet granules fall through my fingers and I feel my memories and thoughts slowly slipping away, like bubbles leaking in elegant patterns, catching the light, and reflecting the memory in it.

Behind me, I have left a train of ants, trailing my every foot, leaving a mark where I stepped. Hard, strong, meaningful steps that compacted the ground under pressure. Some of the sand, skipped out of line as my foot removed itself from the perfect imprint. In the back of my mind a tendril of thought drags me unwillingly away from the serenity of the location and the harmony that is preserved.

As reality drags me under the surface, I feel a chill pulse through my veins, tiny shards of ice passing the beat to the next, vibrating in time to the precious pulse of life. I walk to the border of the sand and gaze out to the empty ocean laid out before me. A world full of hope, a world full of the future. The sun the blanches my skin yet I feel no warmth. The waves are gently lapping at the sand, like a persistent silent dog.

I bend to stroke my hands through the pristine waves, glistening, and millions of shades, the blues, turquoises, teals, greens and shadows, the reflections of the surrounding environment, the empty sky, the speckled yellow and brown beaches, with the pigments between. The water, has no texture. My hand slips through, nothing. I sigh, its deep and pitiful, and stretches through from the pit of my stomach. I hear nothing, which brings on another sigh. I take a step into the water, and fall beneath its depths. When I say fall, I am being literal, I only stopped doing so when I hit the floor of the water. I sat, upon the sand and felt the dryness of it, below the sea floor, still velveteen, but not how I wished. I watched the way the ocean danced, the advance and retreat on the land, the gentle swaying and tugs and pulls. I then followed the sand back to the shore and broke the surface, the water slipped of my hair and body, yet I could not feel it. I sigh again, a solemn sad lonely sigh. Nothing, again. Come on, wake up.


Reality brings me back with no sympathy. The wonderful light is suddenly cloaked in darkness. Darkness is everywhere. It hides me and my appearance. It shadows everything else. It wasn’t always this way, this world, but it is reality now. I sit on the floor, and use my imagination. The Ocean… Pause. What does the Ocean feel like? Wet, liquid, thicker than air, an opposing force. I want to get it right. In this world, there is darkness, corruption, ruin and nothing more, but there, I’ve programmed an entire world. I have developed textures for sand, and am doing so for the Ocean, I made a ball of fire. I am a designer of my own paradise. I don’t want to stay here any longer, I want to feel the world I create. I adapted the Ocean, let’s see if this works.

One, two, three.

I am suddenly submerged into my world, the sand, oozing between my toes, exfoliating the skin in between. Eager to test my development, I raced to the shore. The snake of its shoreline, stretched thinly, and retracing its steps back. I scoop up the liquid, clear in my hand, and feel it trickle a steady stream through my hand, defining the relief in finer details, and magnifying the pattern etched in the flesh. It’s so soft, the water, like fine wove silk threading through my fingers, almost imagined, yet obviously there. I leap into the water, stretching my limbs, and submerging my head in the depths. I feel it fill my nostrils, and it surround my body. I feel the pressure of it upon my back. I feel the water. I floated to the surface, and bobbed in the gravity defying void, drifting slowly back to shore, where a wave rolled me off its’ crest unto the sand. Wake up, we can adapt more!

Again, the transition, dizzying and distressing, yet I made it back. I want to feel the sun, I want heat and cold, I want large shadows, and falling liquid. I want beams of light and moving air. Let’s try to work this. The sun, warm, obvious heat, like the feeling of sleep, comforting and cosy. The shadow, large masses in the air, to create a coolness on the land, they could carry water, and shoot the light. Moving air, a current of it, strong or soft. Oh, this keeps improving! The air masses, fluffy and soft and move in the air currents. I want pits of the sky shadow water, I want a brown ground. I want a change in relief, with constant varying flows of water that start on the peaks of brown still land waves. Ok, let’s see if this works!

One, two, three.

The air tugs at my hair; and above huge dark sky shadows tower. I turn around and admire the land, brown, yellow, blue, grey. The sea, clearly, disturbed by the air, is whipping up in a frenzy. The vicious lions of waves race to the shore, hunting its prey that awaits unwittingly on the sand. They tumble and crash, overlapping in chaos and distress. The sky shadows, huge and heavy begin to throw water, huge chunks, and it lands on my flesh. The droplets trickle down my face they slip into my eyes and slide down my skin. I look and admire, the land beyond the beach, great solid waves fill the horizon, a place of adventure. Then suddenly, the light strikes the ground, huge branches of brightness flash around me. The serenity the place once had is abolished while this chaos reigns. It’s enthralling, and I feel my veins pump in ecstasy, my heart striking a steady drum beat and my arms have flung themselves in the air, while I open my mouth and try to drown out the silence, I hoot and howl, but all is quiet. I sigh again, even though I am surrounded by my own beautiful creations, it is not yet complete. I need her. Wake up.

One, two, three.

Once again, reality has snatched me back forcefully, dizzying me slightly. I am so lonely, I need her. I need Eve, my Eve. The one. Think, how did she look; beautiful. No, do better than that, you need to programme her! Ok, brunette, curly hair. Brown eyes, that always smiled. Small dainty mouth, rosy pink. She was perfect. Let’s see if this works.

One, two, three.

She is laying there. She is laying so close; I can see her hair flap in the everchanging air currents. But I can’t see her breathe. Her chest, doesn’t move in rhythm with breath and her eyes, don’t blink in the sun. I didn’t make life, just a mannequin of the woman I loved. I stand up and carry her body with me and lay it into the water, and watch her drift down, her fine features distorted in the mirror water. Blue shades added to her pale face, shifting between greens and richer colours. No, that was not her, just a replica. I need to develop life. She won’t live if I don’t. Let’s try to make life.

One, two, three.

Oh, Eve, how I yearn to see you again. This world destroyed by our kind, this chaos that destroyed most of this world. Delete the original programme of Eve. Alright, I need to practise making life. I want a basic level, a plant. Short, stubby, soft, smooth, blades of green, that wave in air currents. A living green Ocean, that covers the brown of the land waves. Amongst the living green Ocean, small brightly coloured suns, that move to face the ball of fire. Their shards, delicate and surround the epicentre of the plant. Let’s see if they live. Let’s test it.

One, two, three.

The light glares through my closed lids and I open them to be greeted by the Ocean, sky and sand. I turn my head to see a plane of vivid green. Little hairs of pure green, sway in the air currents. Gently swaying, and basking in the radiant sunlight. They unknowingly acknowledge a living entity, and I to them. A presence of another living thing, is not something easily unnoticed in an otherwise empty world. They let me pass over them. Tickling my feet in eagerness of reality. The serenity of the place at rest, for the storm passed. What next, what new development?

I wake up to the dark world, more swiftly and less dizzyingly than before. Large entity, I want a large plant. Huge, permanent branches of life, spread out wide like those from the flashing light. Upon those branches, delicate wide, flat hairs of multi-colours with veins that pump life to them. Huge, entities, enormous towering branches with flat hairs, that pull in the air currents. Rough peeling branches, textured and different, like that of the pattern upon my finger. Brown and solid branches that carry the leaves like streamers. Let’s test it.

This transition, this time, seemed impeccable, I barely felt it. I woke, on the sand, and ran to the green area, around me lay the entities, the huge brown branches, dying on the ground. I could imagine the screams echo, like those of my friends and family. I could see the strong living creatures, die before me, as they didn’t have enough strength to stand up. The delicate streamers on the tree, shrivelling and dying as well, while the veins slowly stopped mid-pulse. WAKE UP!

It happened immediately. I immediately returned to the dark world, the horrors of my last creations vivid in my eyes. I murdered them, how to save them? The enormous branches, need stability. Under the surface branches can provide that, deep branches, slowly growing beneath the surface. Deep in the depths, stretching the tendrils, ever downwards. Let’s see if it works.

One, two, three.

I leave my eyes close but the light stretches below my lids, teasing out a blink from my face. I open my eyes and see the beauty, small and large living entities, slowly swaying in the air, the gentle motion, rhythmic yet random. Swaying like strands of hair. The branches, stand tall and proud, long wrinkled limbs stretched out to the sun and more are reflected below the surface of the ground. Small speckles of colour penetrate the greenery, welcoming and bright faces, encouraging a smile from me, a wide grin. This world is beautiful, yet still not complete. More life must flood its’ planes. More developments to please her. Let’s go.

One, two, three.

Small things, that fly in the air currents, bright colours and swift in movement, intricate skeletal systems, designed for the best capabilities of flight. Small shapely wings, cloaked in multi-coloured feathers, fast and acrobatic. Free and gentle. Small beaded eyes, that twinkle with life. They rest in the branches of the large entities, trees, I like that name. They rest in the trees, and sweep tips into the water for fun. I want water species of these things, slick and elegant with delicate wings to allow them to move in the water. Metallic feathers, that let water glide over them. Beautiful things, I want beautiful things. Let’s see if they live.

I caress the sand where I lay, letting it crumble and slip between my fingers. I rub it between them, feeling the smooth grittiness that I associate with the powder. As I bask in the sun, I feel a pinch on my arm, as the swift winged creature, perches on it. It thought my arms were branches! It’s beady eyes, look deep into my soul, sympathy seeping through as it replays the disasters from the dark world. It steps across my arm, climbing farther and farther up, until it reaches my face, and climbs upon it, in fear of disturbing the peace I let it do so. The creature then nestles itself in my hair, gently curling itself into the short stubby tufts. I sit and let it sleep there, in the gentle lulling peace of the light. Warmth, slowly flooding my veins in gentle waves. Peace gradually sweeping me away in a wide comforting hand. Time passes and trickles into an ever-falling abyss, slipping slowly like water on flesh, yet lasts but one blink of an eye. The creature, the bird, stirs from its’ welcomed oblivion alerting me back to the world I am present in. It stumbles from its’ makeshift nest and takes flight, the wings silhouetted in perfect detail to the pointed tips, black against the sun. Curves shape the location of the feathers, and a twinkle glints in its eyes, reflecting the landscape from high up angles, farewell, my friend. I drift to the shore, eager to see the water species. I slice into the water, parting my way into a different realm. A weightiness surrounds me that tries to uphold my body. Tinges of blue, colour the clear, and in the distance, the clear fades to opaque blue. I sink to the bottom, watching the bubbles escape my lips. Small dainty sea birds dart around them, bright colours thieving the light, capturing it in metal feathers, and holding it there to keep its brightness. Delicate small wings, part the water, and large eyes, gaze outwards, seeing everything around it. Their bodies twist and turn, shimmering in an elegant dance, parting the water as easily as I would air. Their small fins, large rounded body with a gradient of colour stretching across the body, enormous eyes, and a long elegant tail, powering them through the water. I slowly stretch my arms, dragging myself back to the surface. I break the thin line that divides parallel worlds and around me, wings break the crests as they try to launch themselves out of the water, as they too try to break the division. So, beautiful. I can bring Eve here, she too, will appreciate it.

Eve, Eve, Eve, the simple chant of your name in the dark world, brings a light to my eyes as memories flood, triggered by the beauty behind one name. Eve. Eve. Eve. She lives, she breaths, she feels, her eyes, filled with love and still hidden from the horrors of what happened. Long browned hair, finely chiselled features, with her distinctive long nose that she hated. Delicate flesh, like that of a marble sculpture. Soft flesh, like velvet, softer than sand, softer than air. Eve. Eve. Eve. Will you live? Will you live?

I fear opening my eyes, so they stay clamped shut. No light entered my eyelids freely, as I turned over. My face hit the sand, and I sat up, my eyes still closed. I reached out my hand and waited, waited for anything, something. I waited, and suddenly fingers clasped my hand, prying them open, like it was a game. I open my eyes and see her there, so focused on opening my fingers, her thoughts ticking constantly as she assessed why they would not open. She glanced up, to see my eyes open, and gaped her mouth to say something, yet nothing escaped her lips. It hit me with sudden realisation, it was all silent, no crunch as I walked across the sand, no gentle swish as the wind caught a grasp on flapping tendrils, no crash of the waves on the sand. Nothing. Only silence, that roared loudly, announcing its’ presence and the absence of anything else. Eve’s eyes welled with distress, she opened her mouth, strained her voice, yet nothing drowned out the quiet. I too joined her in attempt to make sound, yet nothing succeeded. I closed my eyes, and brushed her face as soothingly as I could manage and recited the familiar words:

One, two, three.

Tears spike my eyes, it wasn’t her. Only an imitation of her. She had no voice, as I have no voice in that world, as the nature has no voice. Not Eve, not my Eve. Not yet. I need to develop sounds, the sounds of the air, sky, sun, and sea. The sounds of creatures that fill the air and water. Sounds. I think and wonder over my creations, what sounds do they make. The air currents, whisper and pass the unknown language of the trees and green blades between each other, pulling the message from their sealed mouths. They also howl, in stormy weathers, howling deep booming sounds as it provokes the ocean, the trees and surrounding area into a hysteria. The sky shadows, release a crack as the light strikes down, and the rain a pattering thrum, like fingers tapping a surface. A gentle rhythm soothing beats on the ground. The water, the sounds of thousands of bubbles slipping out from beneath the sand, as water swallows it whole. A delicate lapping sound of the withdrawal of the swell that moves the ever changing coastline. The delicate winged species sing tunes in echo. A symphony of whistling lullabies that once sent me to sleep. Bubbles pop. The sand crunches as it scratches against each other. Trees groan in a gentle cacophony as they admire the magnificence of their beauty. The blades allow a faint crunch when stepped upon, almost unheard. Eve, and Eve, she has, had, will have a voice that sparkles, clear as the water, and more beautiful. She talks, she speaks. Oh Eve, oh Eve.

One, two, three.

Laughter fills my ears, high and tinkling. Around me, chirps and tweets of orchestras and the wash of waves make music to my ears. I hear her running, the slaps of her soles hitting before she tumbles into me. In her wake, birds dance, prancing and singing, waiting for her response. The sun glints through her hair, her eyes glistening with joy. Alive, living. Once again. Oh Eve, my darling. My love, oh how I’ve missed you, how I’ve missed your comforting voice, your face, your arms, your smell. Oh, how I’ve missed you. I don’t care if this isn’t reality. I have you. I have you now. In my arms, laughing and smiling as though nothing had ever happened. I cuddle her, keeping the emotions that well up inside of me hidden. She doesn’t know. I won’t tell her. Adam, she whispers. Just my name, as she stays in my arms. Adam. I hold her there, in my embrace. Locking her there forever, never wanting to let go. I have her now. The truth doesn’t matter. I have her, now and onwards, here in the bright world. Adam, she says once again. She looks up, smiling as she studies my face. A smirk flits across her mouth, and she flick sand into my face. Eve. She then prances of, diving into the water, I follow: giggling and laughing in my glee. I too, join her in the depths below the waves. She wriggles and squirms like the creatures around me. I love her and I have her back.


I realise now, that I can never truly be with this Eve. The memories of the dark world haunt me, and even with the new creations I have, I see that I still must add one more. With this world, so beautiful and perfect, I can never be a part of. This is now greater than it was before. I hold lives of people and their future. I have given Eve, her friends and family that departed from this world with her. I have given natural beauties to this world. Things for the people to develop in the future, food, life, and everything they will ever need. But I can no longer be a part of it. I can do this:

One, two, three.

I arrive in the world and see smoke from the local settlement. In the distance of the horizon more land pinnacles. Life, adventure, a world for Eve. I turn to see her walking down the beach, hand in hand, with me. Another me. An Adam, not haunted by memories, not plagued by thoughts of her death. An Adam before the dark world. An Adam like her.

I drift back to the dark world, for the last time. I stumble round the room that had held me captive for the time it took me to create a parallel universe for me and her. A happier place. I feel my imagination lift from my shoulders, lifting higher and higher, as though she is truly still alive elsewhere, in my world. I find the handle and step into the world of wreck and ruin, to wait for my death.

Oh Eve, I love…


I drift back to the dark world, for the last time. I stumble round the room that had held me captive for the time it took me to create a parallel universe for me and her. A happier place. I feel my imagination lift from my shoulders, lifting higher and higher, as though she is truly still alive elsewhere, in my world. I find the handle and step into the world of wreck and ruin, to wait for my death.

Oh Evangeline, I love…



Oh Evie, I love…

I drift back to the dark world, for the last time. I stumble round the room that had held me captive for the time it took me to create a parallel universe for me and her. A happier place. I feel my imagination lift from my shoulders, lifting higher and higher, as though she is truly still alive elsewhere, in my world. I find the handle and step into the world of wreck and ruin, to wait for my death.


Oh Evia, I love…

I drift back to the dark world, for the last time. I stumble round the room that had held me captive for the time it took me to create a parallel universe for me and her. A happier place. I feel my imagination lift from my shoulders, lifting higher and higher, as though she is truly still alive elsewhere, in my world. I find the handle and step into the world of wreck and ruin, to wait for my death.








Author: aworldofyourown

I am a 15 year old, aspiring author, who just wishes to get help on how to improve my writing. Feel free to comment assistance on how to improve my work!

One thought on “Footprint”

  1. As ever, like your post Grooves, a deep, very thoughtful piece. Where are you finding all these words in response to a fairly ordinary writing prompts ? I think your quiet talented. Have you ever considered submitting your work for completions, ( or publication somewhere ) not the ones where you have to pay to enter, bit daft. The free to enter writing completions, of which there are a few.
    I’d say your work deserves a wider audience, and that you’d have a good chance of winning.


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